The Delivery

Wednesday December 17, 2014 I had had my membranes stripped for the 4th time. I was so ready for this baby to come, I have been uncomfortable for about 3 weeks now, pain every time i step cant bend over to put shoes on and getting more and more stretch marks. Also I was just ready to meet this little lady. Later that evening Aaron and I went to visit my Mom at the Physical Therapy Facility that she has been at for the past week healing from her knee surgery. While we were there I felt the first trickle, I knew i wasn't peeing myself because i mean the has happened quite a few time during this pregnancy and this trickle feeling was totally different. But I didn't pay to much attention to it. As the night went on i felt as though i was going to need to sleep with a pad because the trickles were still going. As I woke up the next morning I decided i might just have to call the doctor. As i was talking to them they told me it would be best to go to Labor and Delivery just to be safe. If my water is breaking they would want me to have the baby within the next 24 hours. I did as the doctor said and went to L&D i was there for a good 4 hours. They did tests and lab work even an ultrasound and everything came back unclear. They didn't know what i was leaking but the tests were all negative for amniotic fluid. They ended up sending me home.  As the day went on I was still leaking and when Aaron got home i was just laying in bed, I felt so wore out. 10:00pm came around and i was still leaking and it started to get heavier. I called L&D and they told me to come back in. Aaron and I didn't know that this was the beginning!
We got to L&D and we were looking for answers and the nurses could tell. She was amazing with helping up and really getting to the bottom of it. She ran the same tests from earlier and they were coming out negative again. She then did some lab work and FINALLY for a positive answer. It was amniotic fluid. We were directed to do the "long walk" to start labor because i wasn't having any contractions. The walk was also to help break my water so the leaking would stop. Aaron and I walked around that small hospital for two whole hours! I have never been so bored and irritated that nothing was happening.
We got back to the hospital room and the nurse came in and said "the only option we have left is to induce you." I was so upset with this news I wanted my body to go into labor when it wanted to. I didn't want to have a drug force me to be in labor. I fell into tears at the thought of it. But it was time, and i didn't have a choice so they started me on Pitocin at 4:00am. I talked to the nurse and told her I wanted to go unmediated and that i didn't want the pitocin to get too high and if possible take me off once we got to a certain cm. She liked the plan and the was the beginning. I started my labor, I was gearing up to bring this baby into the world. I had never been so freaked out, yet so ready for something in my life.
The hospital room that they put me in could have been more perfect. It was facing directly at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. I had the perfect view of where Aaron and I were sealed. I felt so calm and and ready. Looking at the Temple and praying to my Father was something i will always remember. I know he was there with me while i was laboring. I don't remember a lot of the labor i can recall was that i would lay there and days off and was totally relaxed.
Through out the night the nurses had changed and the nurse that was there when the pain really started to kick in didn't get the memo that I wanted to be winged off pitocin. She was maxing it out. I was having minute and half long contractions with 20-30 seconds to recover then the next one would hit. I had never felt that much pain in my life. And i was ready for it to be over with. I looked at Aaron and told him i wanted the epidural. I had made it to 8cm without any help and i feel very good about that.
30 minutes later i had the epidural and i began to feel like i was in heaven. I would look over and see i was having a contraction and only felt pressure instead of the pain. I was so happy. I got the epidural done at 11:00am and around 12:45 the nurse came in to see if i had dilated more. much to her surprise, not mine, I was complete! I was ready to push that baby out!
She got everything ready and boom I started to push. It took me 3 good contractions and pushes for her to call the Dr. He was over within 5 min. and I went right back at it. Pushed and pushed. 20 min later i had my baby in my arms. I had her. I felt her. I couldn't believe that it was over, that she was here. That I was officially her Mama.
Little Madalyn Grubbs was born on her daddy's birthday December 19th 2014 at 1:18pm she weighed 7lbs 4oz and 20inches long. She was perfect.

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