As of Late.

I havent blogged in i dont know how long - so sorry peeps who follow me! i have been a slacker! but i do keep up to date on instagram so you can follow me there too if you want my user name is lady_grubbs. This blog post is gonna be a big one with quite a few pictures and not much writing.. just so you guys know a little of whats going on in my life.

First! My sister Breanna had her second baby! Shelby - she was born December 19, 2013 and she has been an angel ever sense. She is beautiful and i just miss her tons. Brea actually let me stay in the delivery room while she was giving birth, and that my friends is a really cool experience. So here are a few photos of AFTER (haha) Shelby came :)

Then a couple days after Baby girl came into this world I was finally able to be with my Honey. We were apart for 4 months -not fun at all- But when he was home it was so good we got to spend christmas and new years together then he was off again back to Florida where i would meet him a week later.

After Aaron left it was getting down to business! packing up my whole house, saying good bye to friends and family and doing a mini photo shoot for Brea and her adorable family that i love so much! 

my whole hose was behind the wood wall!

Once i was packed up, said my good byes and took the pictures it was on the road for Me and Rusty! 2000 miles and 3 days of driving! but the views mad it all worth it and of course being able to see my honey after those three days! 
 i got pretty bored 

 so did Rusty

dont worry peeps i was packin!

After that loooooooong drive and pretty much a numbest butt you could ever imagen I was rewarded with being with my better half and beautiful beaches! Guys the sand here is so dang soft! i couldnt and still cant get over it! Oh for those of you who dont know where i am living now its called Fort Walton Beach Florida. Aaron and I moved here obviously for the military. We will be here for about another 7 months so he can finish his EOD school (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).
 the sand is so white and pretty
 i saw this sign at one of the beached by my place, thought it was cool.
this little guy was on our screen
 Aaron took me out to a hibachi house in Destin - thats like the touristy part of this area - it was really yummy! andi was also able to meet a lot of his class mates. Good people out here.

 then comes the beach pix! oh i'm obsessed! 

I then FINALLY got my stuff! so i was able to move in and get settled in and feel more confortable and at home.

I've had a lot of time to just chill because i'm still looking for jobs and such so i fill my time with running! the beach is about 1.5 miles from our condo so it makes the perfect run/tan session! I was also able to meet a couple of girls out here that are around my age and that like to work out so i have extra motivation to work out! the blond in Erin and the brunet is Stacey. Really awesome chicks i might add! 

So ya theres the update hopefully i will be a little bit better with posting! 
love you guys! 

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