Brea's Baby Shower

Brea's havin her 2nd baby girl! Dec. 19th 2012 is the day that little angel will come to this earth, i'm hoping she will come earlier tho :)  So for the shower we wanted it to be a Baby Girl Winter Wonder Land with a Country/Away-in-a-manger feel. And I think this was exactly what we got! It was so fun decorating it. And everything just pretty much fell into place! Brea's mother in law brought the food, She made these awesome chicken salad sandwiches oh they were so good! We had fruit salad, veggies and sweet rolls to eat and to drink we had white chocolate hot cocoa and sparkling cider! We played Mums is the Word, where you cant say the word baby the entier shower or you get your pacifier necklace taken away if someone catches you, and whoever has the most necklaces wins. We also played the diaper game where we were put into groups and there was a time limit and we had to make a diaper out of toilet paper. It was a good time!  
All in all everything was wonderful and we were so happy to have had everyone who came, there. Now pop that baby out BREA! 

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