Aaron's Basic Training Graduation: Day One

After 2 long months of being away from my Honey, it was finally that time to see him. With butterflies in my stomach and trying to keep back the tears that were already falling down my face. There he was my Husband for the first time, running with his flight! I'm sure I looked like a little school girl with the biggest smile on my face. Because he was running I was only able to watch my Airman pass by, But those few seconds of watching him pass were the best ones I have felt in the past two months.
After the Airman run was finished, we waited for the coin ceremony to begin. This was where i found out that Aaron was graduating with honors! I was, and still am, so impressed and proud of him and what he has accomplished. He was made Dorm Chief early on, that means he was head of his flight, and his flight is about 50 men. He was also top rank with his Physical Training. So you can bet I was a proud wife!
The coin ceremony was impressive, we all got to see all the flights graduating that day, there were about 12 flights or so. After the ceremony ended I was finally able to be reunited with not only my husband but an Honor Grad Airman of the United States Air Force! Now those few seconds I was talking about earlier, well this just topped that. I was in heaven, I was able to be with my other half, my everything. I was able to hold my world. 
The rest of the afternoon we had to stay on base so we were able to just relax, spend time together and eat, A LOT. I swear that boy got one heck of an apatite! I was introduced to many members of his flight. Everyone there that I met seemed like very mature men and very polite. A+ 
7:30PM came around and i had to say good bye but just till the next morning. 
All in all one of the best days of my life. 

(Aaron's, the one marching forward)
(He is in the back right)
(He's kneeling)

(starting to walk to the front)
(walking to the front)

(ordering them to "at-ease")
(standing in front of his flight, at-ease)
(first time together in 2 months)
(Honor Coin and Airman Coin)
One in love couple
All the flights saying the Airman's Creed

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