Year 4 Love Note

These past four years have been filled with low lows and beautifully high highs. This man has helped me see who I really am and have always wanted to be. He has shown me love in ways I have never seen/felt. He is truly a gift from up above, I have no idea where I would be if I didn't have him in my life, I honestly don't want to know. My life has been so fulfilled with this amazing man. I couldn't have asked for more and to be honest he is too good for me. I love him more then words can ever express, and I know that my love for him will continue to deepen every day. I miss you. And my love for you is endless Honey, always and forever.
~Love your Sweetheart.

I had to document this. Aaron had it all planned out he had flowers sent to me and a letter in the mail for our anniversary. He truly is wonderful. (ya the stupid post office ripped up my letter! Punks!)

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