The picture above is the first letter I got from My One and Only. Hes been gone over two weeks now for Basic Military Training. I haven't been able to see him or talk to him for this whole time, its a bummer but i'm hanging in there. Hes over in Texas ( San Antonio) and will be there for another 6 weeks! The only communication we can have is letters through out the week and one call a week that lasts for 15min. Dumb! But you know what its pretty fun, it gives our marriage some spice! Switched it up some and i'm not complaining one bit. His letters are full of "i miss you's" and "I cant wait to see you's" and fun other little romantic things :) And if you know my husband, he is not a romantic at all! he likes to stay far away from that mushy gushy stuff. But me on the other hand I LOVE the gushy mushy!!! I bet hes doing it tho because he knows that's what i want/need to hear :) oh hes so good to me.
If you are married or dating i highly recommend you writing letters it just give the relationship something extra! i'm pretty much obsessed with them now. I cant wait to get my next letter.

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Laura said...

So cute! Sad he is away but it probably makes him appreciate you and your marriage a lot more. Hopefully the time flies by!


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