Cali Trip: Day Two

Day Two was probably my favorite day. My Dad, Mom, Sister, Khloe & I all drove up to the Oakland Temple (this is the temple i grew up with, we went to stake conference there, visited the visitor center, walked around the temple i don't know how many times, but i never once went inside!) So it was a big treat to be able to go back to my temple and be worthy and have the privileged to go into the temple and do some work. After we were done in the temple of course we had to get pictures of how beautiful it was there. Then it was off to The Cheese Steak Shop for lunch, and man oh man did i miss this place! just the smell of walking into the place brought back so many good memories oh and my mouth watering too! once done with lunch we just had to get something sweet! So off to Fenton's Ice Cream we went! the bubble gum ice cream and cookies and cream, never tasted so delicious. then to finish off the day Khloe and i played dress up! What a perfect day, only with Aaron was there to experience it with me . Next time he will.  

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