Cali Trip: Day One

I got the chance to go to California this past week to visit Brea and Khloe. I was also able to see my old friends form High School that i haven't seen in 4 years, Robyn and Zohreh. I meet up with my Robby and Z and went to dinner at Tomatinas, a yummy little Italian restaurant that had AMAZING bruschetta that i am still craving. WE talked forever, ate awesome food and took hella pictures! just like the old days! (well not totally like the old day!) ha. I miss these ladies and cant wait to see them again. 

oh i had to stop at Panera! i hate it that Utah doesnt have awesome food spots! but wait i'm kinda glad because if Utah did have all these yummy amazing places i would be very CHUBBY!

oh this girl loves to do yoga with me! 

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