Cabin Trip with the Grils

This weekend A few of my girl friends and I made it a cabin slumber party, up at my good friend Laurie's cabin in Oakley. If you havent been to Oakley before you must go! i'm not kidding, GO! - Anyways - We started the weekend off right, road trip out to Kamas (a city right next to Oakley) and stopped at a restaurant called Gateway Grill. Such a fun environment and really yummy food. After a long time of just eating and talking and laughing we payed our check and off we went to the cabin. On the way to the cabin we had to drive a dirt road for about 15 mins. Once we got there it was party time! We had all our yummies and a lot of conversations ready :) So we got comfortable and then drove up the road a bit more to a water tower. Up there no joke you feel closest to heaven, it was magnificent, pitch black all around you and the stars were brighter than ever. We then again talked for a while until it got cold and were ready to head back. Chillin on the couches kickin our feet up we talked till about 1:30am and then called it quits. When morning came around Laurie and I got up and went on a morning hike, while Janna & Emmie slept in a bit longer. The hike was one of the prettiest hikes i've been on and great company made it even better. Once we got back we began to make breakfast.. french toast, eggs, & bacon. We weren't joking around! Then Picture time started! and then Yoga up at the water tower with a breath taking views happend, we had to take pictures! Duh! after a few hours or so at the tower, we came back to the cabin, made lunch and played a few board games cards. Then got ready to leave. This trip was more then i could have asked for in many ways. Good women, good talks, and good laughs. I love you ladies and cant wait till next month! 

view from the cabin porch 
front of the cabin
Cabin and blurry Carlyn 
Oh Laurie stop being so adorable!
What the trial looked like on out morning hike

animal heads in the cabin

how pretty is this place! yup i know your jealous! 

Laur being cute on our hike
cookin up a storm!

Janna knows how to make some dang good french toast!


ok i know i'm weird..
they said "ok lets do a funny one" me to myself.. "okay i'm gonna eat this bacon and look like a crazy person." everyone else.. "peace!"

let the pictures being!


Laurie and Janna cant not make an ugly face even if they tried! me on the other hand, i got it down!
oh cards, my love!
too cute for words!
Emmie! i just adore you woman!
view of our downward dog!
yes yes yes, we did!
and yes we did more!

you know you want to be use right now!




doin what i do!
Jannie I love you!

oh ok! this was freakin sweeeeet! This teeter totter was awesome! it spun round in cirlces and went up and down! freakin dope! This was at Laurie's parents house in Oakley, how pretty is there land! oh so jealous
The end.

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