Wyoming & the Grandparents

About a month ago we went to Wyoming to visit Aarons grandparents. They live in a tiny city called Orin, its basically..when your on a road trip and you drive by a random little house on the highway out in the middle of no where, that would be there house. Its always a fun time when we go. Aaron enjoys the slow way of living out there and the long talks he has with his Grandpa about who knows what..? We both enjoy helping with there daily dutes, (they have a little hobby farm with goats, turkeys, chickens). I love that i get to take naps, and no one cares :) its just a different life out there. Everything is so beautiful in it own way. So i took a lot of shots, i hope you enjoy them and get a little glimpse of the slow way of life. 

he wanted to get them chickens so bad!

i have a shot just like this when he was a baby

smelly ol Billy goat!
strike a pose chick!

i loved the color they painted the house!
wind chimes, how beautiful you are

typical chill spot in the lazy boys! 

oh Bud!

Aaron putin stakes in the ground

oh man new fav pic of my sexy hubby! look at him even clenching his jaw! 

"hahah, oh stop its too funny!"

another typical chill spot!

hey what you doin in there!?
Ok i was walking around and i started to hear a really weird whining sound and come to find out it was rusty stalking a bunny that ran under this pile of wood, he wanted that bunny so dang bad he was pretty much crying for it. 

love them

amazing people.
grandpa said something i'm guessing inappropriate... 
...so Grandma showed him what was up!

and then they laughed
and oh my goodness they are too cute!
love you and miss you guys! we'll be back soon, dont you worry.


Laura said...

I LOVE the pictures of the door and door handles! So neat!

Carlyn Girl said...

I like the pictures, it looks like you had a nice peaceful and relaxing day.


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