Memorial Day

this Memorial Day was filled with American Pride and happiness. We started the day right with going to a Memorial Service. It was put on by Timpview high school. It was great because they had Pearl Harbor Vets speak, and also a 21 gun shot solute. after that we grabbed something to eat then worked on the yard. Then we went on one of the prettiest hike ever! its called Big Springs, beautiful! After the hike we did a little cleaning around the house then off to the grave yard where we visited my Grandpas Graves. Gpa Hofheins and Gpa Bacon were both in the Air Force so it was a great way to end the day. I love american pride days it makes me realize how grateful i am for what all the soldiers have done to make it so we have freedom today. 

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Kelsey Cole said...

Thank you for your sweet comment :) your photography is beautiful! (nice bakasana!) And I was looking at your 'glowga'pictures - HOW FUN. I want to come to the next one for sure!!


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