How does you garden grow...

...Not fast that's for dang sure! Ha. So these first few photos were taken at the beginning of this month. We had just put the dirt in. So we were really excited to start planting. This is our first time ever gardening so it has been a pretty cool adventure. We planted Tomatoes, carrots, corn, raspberries, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, squash, peppers and i know i am missing something but whatevs you get the picture.. :) We planted probably the second week in May and for a little bit there we thought we were failures with the whole gardening thing, because nothing was popping up. BUT the one day BAM! in our face little sprouts just started to come out of the ground. That day was awesome we were so excited to see that what we were working on has actually working. So these are old pix of the garden and i will keep you posted with updates.. Its really kinda fun to garden, you should try it if you haven't done so! 

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