My Mom & Dad

My mom and dad have this picture hanging up in there home, its about poster size and every time i see it it makes me happy.  Its funny how we think of our parents, that they have always been old, and there could be no way they were young like you and I. So when i see this picture it reminds me of 1: how adorable my parents are 2: that my mom and i look crazy alike. and 3: They have gone threw so much in their lives and still seem to love each other more then ever. They have been huge examples in my life, showing me true love and teaching me that eternal life is there and i just need to have faith. I love you guys


Leonard said...

Yes were we young once...and still are in spirit. You'll understand one day. Thank you sweets...we love you and pray for you and Aaron. Your Mom is one special woman and I adore her more now that ever. Yes, we've been through a lot but that's the point isn't it...getting through it together.

Jamie said...

I love it! All those Hofheins men looked alike back in the day. And it's amazing to see your own kids take on that same look! Crazy! I love your dad's feathered hair and your mom was pint sized in this pic! So cute!!


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