Tanner Park outing

SO yesterday was Darrens 25th birthday, for those of you who dont know who Darren is he is my friend Haleigh with A forbes life's husband! He is actually how Hales and i met! So we went to dinner last night at Tucanos in Provo and today we went to Tanner Park. This was my first time going to this dog park and my oh my this wont be my last thats for dang sure! Rusty was Loving every bit of it and when he is happy I am happy! And Then being with awesome pople made it even better! 
I love you guys! 

 hahahah i love this picture of Rusty! i think i'm gonna put some really funny/ugly/awesome pictures of my babies once i have them! they are the best!
i love this lady.

 the lovely couple, gosh they are the best! and Little Miles he is just to die for

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