My little Valentines Day

This Valentines day was different from the last few years. We didnt, well let me change that..i didnt make any plans.. And it was a perfect day! I was surprised at work in the morning with this beautiful arrangement that smells even better then it looks! then We had already planned on going out with the realtor that day to look at more homes, and i thought after we would just go home for the night. But Aaron was smart and made some reservations at my fav italian restaurant La Dolce Vida, even tho he hates italian food.. So i thought to myself, well thats a little selfish, so i told him "i didnt really feel like going all the way to provo to eat, and i'm craving burgers.." So we ate at this little diner called Chubby's in pleasant grove, and we got sub zero after. Then came home and watched Love Actually. All in all it was a perfect Valentines day. I love you Aaron. 

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