Sex, Marriage & Fariytales

This guy knows exactly what he is talking about. I can very much agree that my way of thinking and picturing marriage was totally distorted, and i do blame fairytales and chick flicks. The way that they portray love and life sets such high expectations on love and how it feels as well as what you look for in love. But this guy (i wish i knew his name but for some reason i cant find it) the way he speaks about "elevating your spouse to God" and "pursing Jesus as your foundation", Is the perfect way to put it. You cannot have a good and happy marriage without the foundation of your God. As for "marriage isn't just sex" and "are you actually friends?" I have learned that life is so much easier if you are just your fun loving goofy self with your spouse because thats what makes life happy and as for sex it's a wonderful thing and a blessing but you cannot base your whole marriage on it. That can just ruin it, because one or both spouses with either think they are not getting enough or they are getting too much and become very unhappy and if they have there foundation made out of sex then that will start to crumble once on person is unhappy. To make and keep a marriage strong and happy you do need to have the help and straight from above. I love you all and hope this clip hit you just like it did me. :)

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