the best of 2011

it was great knowin ya 2011! but there are new and better things coming for me in 2012! 

some good memories from 2011..
Moab with great friends
Aaron got his baby blue
My bestie came and visited me all the way from Florida
Ran my first 5k
Caught my first fish
did this awesome yoga pose!
Went to Chicago! 
My besties baby was born
did my first outside yoga class (salutation nation)
Aaron bought a motorcycle then sold it a week later
Celebrated the best 3 years of my life with the most amazing man i have ever know. 
And i shot my first Wedding! 

All in all 2011 you were good to me but i want 2012 to be full of surprises and awesomeness!


P+B said...

Horray for a good 2011! Goals for 2012? See more Peyton :)

PS. Can we have a phone date soon? I miss you.

Haleigh Forbes said...

this is so fabulous! We've known each other for over a year now! I can't believe I know all your 2011 events! crazy- love you!

Sussy C. said...

i love your hair in the first pic! so freaking cute! and ewwww on the pic of us. i look so gross

Carlyn said...

i love you ALLLLLL!!!!
Peytie that is a very good goal! and i think i will come true!
Hales i know its so freakin crazy time went by so fast!
Snooz you are freakin beautiful! shut your face!


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