Park City Getaway for a Day

Sense our 3 year wedding anniversary is on a week day this year and we are both going to be working we decided to take a trip up to Park City to do a little shopping, site seeing and of course eating! We had a great time we had no plans and we were just enjoying our time together and the outlets :) We shopped for about 3 hours then took a nice little drive threw town then ate at our restaurant The Grub Steak. I was defiantly an amazing day and what made it that best time was being there with the man of dreams.

you have no idea how amazing this desert is! OHMYGOSH! When you go you must all try this trio! todiefor! 
and a year later.. :)

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P+B said...

CARLYN!!! I love these photos. especially the first one and the one of you standing (you look stunning) and the one of you and Aaron. Seriously... you are so gorgeous! I love your hair, your scarf, your sunglasses... everything. WE better get some good photos together this weekend!


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