What a day on Saturday! I started the morning off with yoga at The Yoga 
Underground, then laying out and swimming! Then Haleigh, Darren, our Doggies and I drove up to SLC for a workshop at Prana Yoga..well The workshop was for Hales and I and Darren's was just runnin a few errands and playin with the pups. The work shop was great! Simon Park instructed it and he is seriously beautiful! the way he moves is literally art. So after those 3 amazing hours of yoga we got a call from Darren saying his car died! So we were stuck in Trolley Square (Darn) :) we did a little shopping and then went and got some yummy lunch at Hires Big H..After lunch we walked about a mile to meet up with Darren and the pups! Found out that it was the battery, thank goodness it wasnt anything more. Once i got back into UT County Aaron and I went over to his friends Motes house for a BBQ! 
All in all a great day!

 Simon Park had Haleigh Demo pincha mayurasana! 
 walkin to Darren in freakin hot heat!
At the BBQ (didn't get that many good pix..)

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