Guess where i'm going?

you'll never guess! I'll give you a hint..the indy 500 race happens there! haha well i guess i kinda gave it away didnt i? Yes i am headed to Indiana, to see my beautiful baby neice and well also my sister.. ;) I'm super excited to go there.. I've never been and i'm sure i'll have a great time! I get to be there for my baby girls 2 year birthday! 2 years how crazy is that! Gosh i cant wait to squeeze her cheeks! and shes getting HUGE! so just a warning there is going to be an overload of cuteness on my bolg for probably the next little while! 

1 comment:

The Browns said...

Love the collage! Seriously can't wait until you're here. Even though you'e more excited to see K ;) Love you so much.. can it be tomorrow already!


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