My Awesome Saturday

Just like every Saturday i started it out with an amazing yoga class at The Best Yoga Studio in Utah County taught by the amazing Amy! 
After yoga my friend Haleigh and I got out tan on chillin by the pool. 
Then went to j dawgs for an Amazing hot dog! 
Then we went to Provo Canyon and took the doggies to cool off a bit in the river!
 My dog has officially turned into a fish!
 I love her!! 

 Probably one of the best things i did was get a massage! 
Aaron then asked me on a date, because i have been pretty busy all day and we was out in Tooele watching dirt bike racing, so we didnt really get to spend a lot of time together. Perfect way of ending a great day by going to the movies with my love. and Bad Teacher is a good movie! funny!

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