I did IT!

I have been going to Yoga at Yoga Underground at least 3x a week for the past month! And let me tell you, It is NOT easy stuff! I love the challenge tho, and the feeling you get when you hold the pose longer or you are able to do something you have never done before! For example i have been trying to do a hand stand for about 3 weeks now and on Monday i was able to hold it for like 3seconds! and that is a long time if you have never done it before! The feeling i got after that was amazing! I felt like i could do anything! It was basically a yogasm read more HERE..(the article was written by one of my best friends and a way awesome yogi!)
so now that i was able to actually do this, i'm going to continue to practice it and then i will be able to do
yay for scorpion handstand 

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