This past weekend we got the opportunity to go with our friends Haleigh and Darren to Moab! We had such a great time and just getting out of UT county is a treat from me. The day we got there was Friday at like 10:00 and right away we started to set up camp. Once that was over off to hike! We hiked I think it was called Nigro Bill Trail.. and that hike took about 4 hours round trip, this trail tho was beautiful we crossed a river the whole time and the dogs were loving it! the weather was perfect not too hot with a some cool breeze! On the way back down Nigro Bill like right at the end of it, Rusty just had to chase after a dang bird and run right into a stupid cactus! Oh ya and as you can see from the pictures the was Darren that also got stuck but i cactus..and we have no idea how he got stuck!? but those little guys hurt and are super hard to get out!
When we got back to camp we saw that our tent was turned upside down and out canopy was broken in three places! so that just sucked! and then it started to rain and hail and and get really really cold! We noticed that our tent was busted too so we decided to move all of our sleeping stuff into the car and sleep there! bummer! once the rain finally stopped clear sky's and pretty sunsets came..and it was time for relaxing by the fire.
Saturday came and the freezing cold night left and again we had beautiful clear sky. The day was going good. We made breakfast then left for Corona Arch, another awesome hike! We got there and the doggies were pooped! After the hike the boys started up a fire and we started on dinner! a yummy dutch oven meal that included beef tips, onion, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, cream of mushroom soup and 7-up! then once that was done i made peach cobbler in the dutch oven and holly crap that was so good!
So all in all Saturday was a great day! And the trip was well worth it! i'm ready to go again! Whos comin with me!?

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