We had i thnk 10 guns total!

 so pretty but so cold
 my sexy hubby
 This pic is just straight up bad A
 My First Rifle

small freaking gun and hurts freaking bad when you shoot it! i thought my finger was going to fall off
  Aarons new WWII Mosin Nagant Russian Rifle! that was a cool gun
Girl you are so hard core!
AR15 fun gun!

SO two of my Christmas presents were GUNS! i got a Ruger 10/22 rifle and a Sig Mosquito 22 pistol! And Yesterday i got to shoot them for the first time! i loved it! I had my friend Haleigh come with and really we were so excited to shoot them but once we got there is was sooooo freaking COLD! we would shoot one gun then jump in the truck to warn up, while the boys load the next gun! haha suckers! Next time we go it better be warmer!

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Jamie said...

My dad is WAY into guns...has an AR15 too. I'd suggest you go to a range and avoid all the coldness! I used to go shooting a ton with my dad...I was his little boy back in the day :)


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