P.S. I Love You

Last night as i was doing laundry i decided to put a movie on. I picked P.S. I Love You, and i am so happy i did. As i was folding and hanging our clothes i was tearing up laughing and think how great this movie and soundtrack was! I swear that movie really make you appreciate the love you have in your life and not take him or her for granted. I found myself thinking back how Aaron and i met and all the dates we've been on, when we feel in love and how i still love him more and more everyday. But then the movie's soundtrack is amazing too! after I was finished watching the movie i started downloading all the songs from the movie! i never thought i liked Irish  music as much as i do, i mean i LOVE it! weird i know! The Pogues and Flogging Molly are great Irish bands check 'em out! And also I have to say i have a huge crush on Gerard Butler, just something about him ya know!?
And i have made a decision on the place where i want to go if i only had one place before i die, I would so go to Ireland!
P.S. I Love you Aaron

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