I Love These Ladies!

Yesterday Brea planned a girls day out, we were first gonna go to Jump On It then go to lunch. Well the plans kind fell thru once we got to Jump On It and there probably the oldest person there playing was 12! so we had to get a pic because it was just too funny! SO what we ended up doing was going to lunch at Zupas..probably the best place to eat ever..Then we went to Orem Rec and played racket ball! We had a blast! I had a really hard time hitting the ball, brea spent most of her time stuck against the wall trying not to get hit, Peytie was ummm.. ;) and stacie was just hittin the crap outta that ball! I love these girls so much i wish i got pictures because it was just too funny! So after Racket Ball we went to breas and played Dance Central in my words "Dance Dance" such a fun game i totally recommend everyone to at least try it!
Next time we are totally playin vollyball! and everyones invited!


The Browns said...

honestly I'm glad it worked out the way that it did, we had a blast playing racket ball! peyton you cracked me up, seriously I almost peed my pants... love it! love u girls!

P+B said...

haha Some stories are probably better left untold :)
(like....I'll kill you if you do tell.)

this made me laugh Car... love you guys.

PS. I have tried commenting on this post like 3 times and it keeps not showing up. Hope this one works!


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