Happy New Year 2011!

For New Years this year Aaron and i got together with my friend Peyton and her hubby Blake and Brea n Derr. We started the night with eating at Tepanyaki, that place is "Yumm yumm" (the china man cook said it a bunch). Then we went to Brea and Derrs and played some games on the Kinect. they had this dancing game that was super fun, you could like battle against everyone! and of course i lost every time! I'm way better at free style dancing! We then ate some AMAZING cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory...if you haven't tried the red velvet cheesecake from there you must! it is to die for! once midnight came around i was sooo freaking tired! But we were able to pop the bubbly (martnelle) and cheers to the New Year! and of course kiss my sexy hubby!
(i'll have more pix soon from dinner)

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