today i was reading a blog and it made me think. the blog said this..

"Sometimes I'm far too critical of myself: my ears stick out, my chest is flat, I'm not too ideal. What woman isn't critical about herself? What I'm beginning to realize is that when we stop obsessing about the unimportant reflection in the mirror, we begin to remember everyone else around us. Girls don't get dressed up for males, we get dressed up to compete with the females around us. I'm done competing. I'll always express myself through my apparel, but I'm done competing with my mother's weight or my friend's perfect complexion. I'll cut my hair short if it feels like me. I'll go barefoot if it feels like me.
Tonight, I feel beautiful"
By: Gem in the Rough
*you can find her at http://agemintheroughdoodlydoo.blogspot.com/  ( i dont know how to do the whole tagging thing..)

This got me thinking about how true her statement was about how women dress for other women. It's so true and its so sad at the same time! but i have to say i'm guilty because i would do this all the time, every time i go to lunch or dinner with my girls i'm always wanting to look my best. Or if Aaron and i go out to his friends house & i know there are going to be other females there... i always want to be "the cutest". Sad but true.
So the reason why i think women dress for women is because, yes every girl wants to be the cutest in the room. BUT i also think that women compliment more then men...i mean when you get with your girlfriends one of the first things you say is..."oh my gosh i love..." or "where did you get...i love it!". As for men if a women is wearing something thats "instyle" or very expensive they could care less they are just looking at your face, butt, or boobs, (sorry to be so honest..) There will be the occasional man that comments you on what you have on or how your hair looks but that only happens every so often.
I to be honest think women would be 10x happier if they just didnt care so much about what other women or even people thought of them. My husband always tells me to be who i am look the way i want and that he loves me the way i am naturally.. and i think a lot of married women could agree and say there husband are the same way. So why compete when you've already won?
I know i'm going to try to be who i want to be and live the way i want to live. i know i will have so much more fun in life and really become the woman i want to be. because i'm a winner!

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