Park City getaway

Yesterday Aaron and i decided we wanted to get away for a night and go to Park City. It was also to celebrate our 2 year anniversary (Aaron has to work on Monday..)  We got a hotel room at the Marriott but we didn't want to go straight there so i was looking on my phone for a yummy steak restaurant. I was calling all around and we almost decided on eating at Ruth Chirs Steak House until i came across GRUB Steak! and of course we couldn't pass that up! i mean it was our name! We are so happy we went there because it was amazing and best of all cheaper then Ruth Chris!
So we had a wonderful night, slept like babies. And of course went to the outlet shops and spent a little more then what we planned but it was all worth it!  


P+B said...

This looks like so much fun! You guys are cute!

Ben and Brie Smith said...

How fun!!! We did that same exact thing last year for our 1 year anniversary! Shopping at the outlets and everything! Except we stayed at the Hotel Park City and ate at Ruth's Chris cuz they gave us 90 bucks free to eat there! It was so good! Miss you Car! xoxox


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