New Bedroom

When moving into a new apartment, I feel like its almost a new beginning & i love new beginnings :)
When i moved in i got right to putting together the apartment..BUT the bedroom was sad..nothing was in it just the bed and a dresser..i was stuck with what to do & i didn't want to spend a lot of money and i also wanted to incorporate my photography!
I came up with a cute and easy project that looks great!
I went out and took a few pictures of what i would want in my bedroom, i wanted it to gender neutral and also a very relaxing feel..
then i went to Costco and printed out my three favorite pictures
then went to micheals & bought 3 foam boards and double stick tape
cut the board the size of the picture and tape them together!
Then to hang them i got more double stick tape that's more a heavy duty tape and that doesn't ruin the paint and just stick it on the wall and BOOM you have an amazing cheap and personalized masterpiece :)

1 comment:

kaysi fox said...

oh my gosh, that looks amazing girl!!! love your style!!!


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