My Annie Came to Town

Last week it was my 23rd Birthday and for my Bday gift Aaron suprised me with bringing my bestie Annie to town to have a Spa Day! it was such a perfect gift he knew exactly what i wanted! :) unfortunately i didnt bring my camera so i didnt get any pictures of it :( but it was great we got hour massages 40 min in the sauna and mani pedis! we had such a good time!

So Annie was already planning on coming out this weekend for a half marathon but she was only gonna be here for the weekend so i got a few more days with her! On Saturday the had her run and oh my gosh i dont know how she did it! 13 miles i would die! but she did it in 2hrs and 10min! i thought that was great timing! she didnt tho! haha she was 5 min more then the last one she did! i love her!

Run Anna Run!
On Friday we had to do our famous pool day! we Got our Mt Dews and our tan on!

Thursday was Travis' Birthday so we went to the famous Texas road house! Yumm


Check out aarons house shoes with his socks! LOL
one of the reason why i love him so much!
I love this girl!
We also got to go hit a few balls but OMGsh it was sooooo freakin HOT!

I'm so happy she was able to get her booty out here i missed her so much! Now its time for Aaron and i to make a trip out to Montana for huntin season!

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