The Mariners

OMGsh! THE B.E.S.T. chilly cheese dog i've ever eaten in my life! and those garlic fries O wow they're yummy..but they leave and you keep remembering them..if you know what i mean.. haha

So going to Washington you cannot not see either a Mariners game or a Seahawks game. Sense its not football season yet we ended up goin to a baseball game. We had great seats and just the feel of being at the statium is so nice!

ON the way back to our car from the game we got to the rig and Aaron was opening my door for me and i First saw glass all over the ground and wondered why..? the i looked up and saw that the window was on the ground shattered! some homeless stupid person broke into our car and stole Papa Grubbs' GPS!!! and the funny thing is that when ever i see a homeless person i always try to give them something i mean just that day i gave a lady a bag of gummy bears! what the freak! this is how they repay me! BUTTHEADS!
Even before Aaron and i parked the car i got a bad feeling about where we were parking because the guys that were waving us down to show us where our spot was just seemed a liitle iffy..i said something to Aaron like "i dont like these flag guys.." and we left it at that. Bad idea! i should have told Aaron that we should not park here and find another spot. So from here on out if you EVER get a feeling in your gut go with it..even if its just a small one like mine was! Heavenly Father helps us in so many ways we just need to trust him and the feeling he gives us.

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Derr ~ Brea ~ Khloe said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Why do you have the worst luck with cars haha.. Well u guys look great as always. Love ya!


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