Tim McGraw Concert..MET LADY A..WHAT

What do you do when waiting in stop'n'go traffic?..DUH!

O GOSH! There He is!

Allie your the best :)

Love this

'These boots were made for walkin..'

(CD cover status right!?..HAHA)

O YA...


Oh my gosh 1 of the best nights EVER. The concert was off the hook, and we had great seats! The only down part about it was that we didn't get there in time to watch Lady Antebellum perform..BUT no worries we just got to hang out with them back stage! It was great meeting Charles Kelley and the guys from Love and Theft. They actually worked for us to come back stage to chill! unfortunately they said we couldn't bring and phones or cameras in :( but i got a few shots before so i'm not stressin :) They are all real down to earth dudes! WE HAD SUCH A GOOD NIGHT!

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