Pup or No Pup?

So i'm sure a lot of you know how i've been in the past with animals..not the best..I get one and then i either it gets to be too hard to handle or i just get bored..I've recently been wanting a dog..i know its a crazy feeling and i probably shouldnt be wanting one but i cant help it..i fell in love with a breed and i want one..Today i called a Brittney Spaniel breeder and they had one male left..i ended up driving out to Lake Shore to check out this adorable little thing and no question about it i fell in love..So i have till Monday to make a decision..I'm really cautious about this and would love to hear every ones opinion..I truly feel like i've grown up and that i can take care of another living thing..I know it'll be difficult and that i will probably hate it at times..but i know that i will love him and that it'll all be worth it..
Aaron's cautious as well because of my track record but i think he knows i can do it and be a good owner..He's going to come with me one of these days before Monday to check out the pup to see if he likes it..Another good thing about this situation is i can pay for half of the puppy now and i have till July to prep myself for a puppy in my life..But a bad thing about getting a pup and living here in UT county NO one i mean NO ONE lets you have pets when your renting! Ugh its so annoying..there might be one or two places but they are probably going to be over priced..So it'll be harder to find a place to live..but it'll be worth it..
So please ppl help me..

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