Kaysi & Nick Fox

It was a blast shooting this couple! they are so beautiful and cute together! I'm so happy they had the time to come out and help me build my portfolio! and these are just a few of the amazing shots i got of them! :)


kaysi fox said...

car, these are amazing!!!! you are so so sooooo talented!!!!!!! i LOVE THEM!!!! i am totally linking you to my blog!!!! love you girl! oh & yes we are going to the rodeo, nick doesnt get off till 6:30 so we will be leaving here around 7 & my phone is dead so i will call you when it comes back on!! blackberries are really wierd the radio signal shuts off for a minute! anyways SOOOOO excited for tonight!! :) love you girl!

Kat said...

ummm....when I get married I am flying you out to wherever I am so you can take my pics for me because you're amazing! You are so good and if I make any friends in UT and they need a photographer I am getting you to do it!!!


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