Sun, Girls, Lunch, BBQs, & Good Byes

My friend & sister are both leaving for the summer & i'm not to happy about it. Breanna is leaving this Saturday to go to Baltimore, Derrick sells home security & that's where the office is this year. So he has to take my sister away from me the whole summer! My friend Peyton is movin back to the BIG DUB-C (walnut creek, where i was born) because her hubby got some dope internship for the summer. SO what better way then to say good bye then going to CPK one day & having a BBQ a couple days later!! & i even think tomorrow were gettin together to go shopping at Nordstom Rack. Life is so busy now that its so hard to get all of us together but when it happens it the best time in the world! I'm very grateful to have such good friends!! I love you Ladies!!

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P+B said...

awww I miss you already!!! August we will have another HUGE bbq/reunion! I am planning on it~! and prolly another Nordys trip too, lets be real. love that place! and LOVE you!!!!


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