My sister just left for the summer and she took my niece with her! It was a sad day on Saturday when i had to take her to the airport and 6:45am. But the day before was a great day to say goodbye. We road tripped it to St. George for the day. The main reason why we did this was to get our hair done. (i'll post pictures of my hair soon) I just got a cut and I LOVE IT! Breanna went darker and it BEAUTIFUL on her! Road trips by far are the best things ever!

So sense Breanna and Derrick are movin to Baltimore MD for the summer, Aaron and I got to move into there house! I'm loving it so far. But its weird being in my sisters with out her here :( it makes me sad to think about it. I am going to miss her so much. I swear we hung every day last week and before that i would see her at least every other day. But its cool shell be back soon!

And my niece Khloe is going to be soooo freakin big once i see her again and that little squirt better not forget about me! I know i'm going to miss her like crazy. Shes probably going to be walking the next time i see her and have a lot more hair! Sad i wont be there to see her grow but i will see her when shes back!

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