In Loving Memory

First i have to say sorry to my sister and i know how tough it can be to have a animal that you love very much pass on you with no expectations. It's hard to know you tried everything you could and still the out come is sad and disappointing. I love you Brea so much and am very very sorry for your loss.
Little Bentley AKA Bent passed away this morning from having kidney stones and needing to go into surgery. The surgery went well and he was doing ok, until his little body could no longer handle the trauma. I know that little guy was fighting for his life and so was Brea and Derr.
I'm happy to know he's not in pain anymore and he is in a better place and Brea if your reading this he's in animal heaven with Boggie and Alex :) and they are eating all the treats they can get!

I love ya Bent and miss your little snort!
Rest in peace lil man!

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Sussy C. said...

oh my goodness!! i cant believe that happened! my heart dropped when i read this. i have pictures of him and tommy snuggling on the couch. miss the little man!


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