Happy Valentins Day

Aaron and i didn't do to much this year but what we did do was just enough. this is our 3rd Valentines day together and its been a good one. We've been celebrating Vday all weekend sense Vday in on a Sunday this year we cant really do too much here in Utah.

we went out to dinner for our friend Todd's birthday wit
h a bunch of ppl. After that i had a little something planed for Aaron :) i set up our whole living room like a spa with my massage table and candles i also added a little touch with rose peddles. He was really excited because he says i dont give him enough massages so i knew he would like this.

we spent all night together just watching romance movies and eating Wendy's (my FAV fast food!)

i normally cook a Sunday breakfast for us but this morning Aaron was in the kitchen helping me out. And for some reason EVERYTHING just tasted so much better.

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kaysi fox said...

that sounds like such a perfect weekend & those rice krispies look to die for!! YUM!


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