Aaron and i have been married for a year and a half and dated for one year and this was our first plain rid together.

Thanks to our friend Josh who is in the Military for our layover for two hours we got to stay in the USO where we got to eat free food, watch TV, play Xbox, and just relax in some sweet comfy chairs.

Khloe's first time out of the Country, and she's only 5 1/2 months. CRAZY
Our first night a group of us all went out to eat and the to the beach.

Khloe's first time in the ocean

Josh, Jared, My Love, Me, Caleb

i loved these hammocks so much that i bought one at the Market

The Taxi rides were an adventure, we had to pack 10-15 ppl into a van and the driver would drive so dang FAST
at the shopping mall

The mallWe played some football
Did some Snorkeling
& Kayaking was DOPE
She is Such a Little FLIRT!

So here was one adventure Aaron and i had at the very beginning. SO we were getting ready to go to the Airport at around 6:00am. We get this phone call from our friend Jared asking if we were at the airport yet? i Told him "no our flight isn't till 7:45am but were leaving now." He then informed me that our flight was at 7:00am! oh my gosh i was panicking! We had Aarons bro take us to the airport and he was driving as fast as his little car could go. we got there at 7:25am we checked in our bags thankfully there was no line. But once we were running to security the line was insanely long, all the way to baggage claim! it would have taken us probably a good 30-45 minutes to get threw it. so i was like bump this, i walked up to some man and asked him if we could cut in line thank goodness he let us. Aaron then went up to the lady that checks your passes and stuff and told her that we will miss our plain if we don't get threw now and she let us go! So after that Aaron and i just RAN sooo fast to our gate! and we made it! we were so grateful for those ppl who let us cut and pass.

Once we got to Cancun we were just ready to relax and enjoy our Vacation and that's EXACTLY what we did!

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