Day in the Country

The day after Christmas Aaron and I went to Centralia WA to spend time with Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie. It was a fun day...Aaron and all the boys went off to Bob and Julie's land to shoot some clay pigeons it was originally planed that they were going duck huntin but the mornings here have been way too foggy. they just had fun shootin there guns. So now the girls part...We planed on going horse back riding for the day. keep in mind i have only road horse back about 4 times in my life and the horses have all been super drugged (found that out while talking to Aunt Julie) So my experiance was a little more exciting...Aunt Julie her daughter Jessica and i all started off walking on the road heading up to the trail. Oh gosh this horse that they gave me was not following my orders at all! just look at the pictures...ha...it gets worse. Once we got to the trail Jessica's horse wouldnt go past the gate (they have only had that horse for about 4 months so they were still training her). we tried for about 30 min trying to get her to pass until we gave up and Jess just took the horse back and Aunt Julie and i kept on ridding. We were havin a good time just talking and enjoying the woods until something became very odd to me, the saddle on my horse was beginning to slid sideways, and where ever the saddle goes, Carlyn goes! I said to Julie: "my saddle is sliding" Juile said "Ok were almost to the top and we'll tighten in there." I said "Ummm i think i'm falling" and yup i thought right! i was off the horse on the ground! and that horse just took off! ran all the way back home. You can only imagine what Jessica was thinking once the horse got back with no Carlyn! She was freaked out. the horse apparently had a few spills on the way home. he was cut and bleeding on his legs and scratched his chest from probably hitting the concrete. oh i just felt so bad that he was so hurt, i was practically in tears. but let me tell ya one of the craziest horse rides i've ever been on! That's for sure!


Andrea said...

Your pics on the horse are gorgeous! I love the lighting... did you edit them or was that how it really looked? So pretty!!

Carlyn and Aaron Grubbs said...

Thanks Adrea :) there were a couple that were edited and some that were not. It was so beautiful that day!


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