23 Years Gosh Your Old

Can i just say that i have an amazing husband!?
Honestly i don't know what i would do with out him.
Well he turned 23 yesterday.
It was great day.
  1. I made him a cake(It didn't look too cute because it was the first cake i've ever made, but it tasted great!).
  2. Aaron came home from work and it was just him and I. I sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles.
  3. Breanna and Derrick came over and Aaron opened his BDay gifts.
  4. HD video camera.
  5. Left For Dead video game (which he is playing right now).
  6. and a DOPE camo hat.
  7. Then we did some shopping Birthday/Christmas (for other ppl & some for Aaron)
  8. Met up with Tim and Chels for Dinner at Outback Steak House.
  9. Went to Brea and Derrs and watched Transformers 2 on Blue Ray.
i also got him card that was perfect i'll share it with you:

to the man i marriedbecause you let me know you completely
because you are still a mystery
because you do not wish to change me
because you have changed me forever
because you see the good and true in me
because you forgive all else in me
because you are not who i expected to love
because you are just who i need to love
because you gave me beautiful yesterdays
because you promise me beautiful tomorrows
because you asked for my hand
because i gave you my heart...
i love you

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