Drinkin our non-alcoholic drinks, Red bull and Shirley Temple's Yumm

Aaron is such a perv!

We had to do some shopping

Fashion Show Mall

His fav store

♥ Bestfriends

Road Trip

~Breath taking~

The trip went like this. We left friday around 3pm arived in Las Vegas around 8:30pm Vegas time. i dont know about you but road trips drain me so all i wanted to do was check in and eat and pass out! So we checked in at South Point Hotel and may i add this hotel was on the strip but like 2 miles or more south of the strip! it was a nice hotel just far from everything. So we got up to our room and the room was really big and nice so we were happy. We got ready for the night went to eat and around 10:00pm i was ready to PASS OUT! so i did and Aaron met up with the rest of the crew from work and did some Parlay gambling, some sports thing, and came back at around 3am he told me he wouldn't be getting much sleep while we were here...We woke up Saturday morning at around 8:30am and we were going to be on the game show "Lets Make a Deal" with Wayne Brady but we weren't ready in time for it so we went down to the Buffet! after that we SHOPPED for ever! and i loved it! Around 5pm we met up with Aaron team from work for dinner and we ate at the BEST seafood buffet EVER OMG yum! After that we went to some huge arcade and all the guys competed against each other and who ever won got money! so that was fun to watch. After that we went to the tables and played some roulette and oh my gosh i love that game! i was lovin it we didn't loose to much money but be had a blast!
Thank you APX for a great weekend with the love of my life!

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