For my Aaron

Aaron is Home! and it has been so unbelievably great! It's funny how life just feels happier when the person you love is so close. I've realized during the time that we were apart how important he is to me and how i just love the crap out of him. I want him to know that he is the only person who can make me feel complete. We will soon be hitting our ONE YEAR and I want him to know how great of a husband he really is, even when he might not know it. So here are 11 things that make Aaron such a great Hubby.

#1: Smart
You can ask him about mostly anything and he will have an answer to it. It's kinda crazy

#2: Confident
Aaron is very confident, he's very out going unlike myself. He really has helped me gain confidence in myself by the little things he says and does.

#3: Funny
Mostly everyone that knows Aaron, has seen his amazing personality, he always has something funny to say. When ever I feel grumpy he always knows how to cheer me up. Mainly he just tickles the crap out of me till I can't breath anymore!

#4: Social
It's great that he has so many friends, he knows how to keep hold of long and good friendships. He has many friends and from what I know all of them love him. This was one of the first things that stood out to me.

#5: BIG Helper
Just the other day I made breakfast for the both of us, some yummy french toast, bacon and eggs. After eating I asked Aaron if he could do the dishes, lucky me he got up right after I asked and did them. He always is willing to help me out with anything I ask. I love this quality!

#6: Hard-worker
Aaron will get up every morning go to work, come home be very tired and not complain at all and still have energy to play. He's always looking for ways to improve himself. And he will never give up anything he starts.

#7: Supportive
He is the most supportive man I've ever met. He wont judge you on what you want to do, he will help you and reassure you that you can do anything as long as you know you can.

#8: Forgiving
Oh this is a big one. Aaron must be the most forgiving person I've ever known. I wont go into detail but he is very forging of me and my weaknesses. He is quick to forgive anyone, and Aaron will never hold a grudge!

#9: Realist
I love that Aaron is a realist, it helps me when I'm in my fantasy world and i think everyone is perfect and happy or when I get freaked out about some things. He always has a way to calm me down or to help me see the bigger picture, I'm very grateful that he has this quality!

#10: Strong Priesthood Holder
I love knowing that he holds this wonderful gift and if I ever need a blessing for anything I can just ask him and he's right there. He has a strong testimony, and is a strong believer of the gospel.

#11 Last but certainly not least.... Aaron is so gosh darn HANDSOME!
He really is. I get chills just thinking about him he is absolutely gorgeous and even better his amazing personality makes him even hotter!

Everyday that goes by I seem to fall a little more in love with Aaron. I couldn't be anymore happy to know that he is my eternal companion. Thank you for being such a great hubby.
I Love you!

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